Living with the Dead

In the center of this bustling city of 11 million people, lies the North Cemetery. The final resting place of several Filipino Presidents, celebrities, and hundreds of thousands of the city’s Catholic dead, the cemetery is also home to a living community of more than 2,000 people. In a country where around 40 percent of people live below the poverty line, and overpopulation in Manila is reaching desperate proportions, the cemetery provides a unique residence for the hundreds of families that live and work within its walls. The cemetery is a microcosm that purely illustrates how overpopulation affects those at the bottom of the economic spectrum.

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A Dual Threat

Worldwide, TB is the most common cause of death for those infected with HIV/AIDS. At 2.2 percent, Cambodia has one of the highest documented rates of HIV/AIDS infection in Southeast Asia, and also has a very high prevalence of TB: An estimated 65 percent of Cambodians carry the opportunistic virus. In Cambodia widespread malnutrition, the high prevalence of HIV and a lack of access to treatment for both infections creates an environment where both TB and HIV are likely to increase. According to the WHO, it will take a long-term commitment on the part of both donors and government agencies to sustain and expand treatment integration for HIV and TB.

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Building Bangkok

The fantastic high-rises of Bangkok–luxury hotels, shopping malls and condominiums–are first home to the men, women and children who build them. During each building's development the teams who work on these towering icons of wealth and financial success. The poor financial status of the workers stands in dark contrast with the projects the build. The large teams are mostly recruited form the poorer rural areas of Thailand. Smaller operations often employ entire families and it is not uncommon to see teenagers working alongside their parents as child labor laws allo children over the age of 13 to work on "light projects".

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Selected portraits.

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